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Grid Navigation Implementation in Appstylo

grid navigation

Creating an app is not an easy task especially if you don’t have technical background and knowledge of coding. Most startups and new business owners find it difficult to launch a fully functional app in the app marketplace. So, Appstylo provides you the opportunity to create an app without coding.

You can make an app with complete customization. For instance, if you want to create the homepage of your app using grid navigation, then you can easily do it using Appstylo. All you need to do is drag and drop, then customize according to your business needs and requirements. In this article, we’ll see how to implement grid navigation when creating an app using Appstylo.

Steps to Implement Grid Navigation

Before moving on to the steps please make sure to sign up and log in to your account on Appstylo.

  • In the first step, click on the “+” icon to create your first app.
click on + icon
  • Now enter your “Application Name” and then click the Next button. You can write any name you want for your application. For instance, Cake Bakes.
enter your app name
  • Then select your “Business Type” and click on Next. You can select the business type according to your app and business, like Food & Drink.
  • Choose an “app template” that you like by clicking on the Apply button. You can also get a preview. If you own a restaurant, then you can choose a restaurant-related template.
choose an app template
  • Now click on “Add Page” to create a new page.
click on add page
  • Then enter the “Page Name” that you want for this page and click on Create. Like Cake Bakes etc.
enter your page name
  • In the next step click on “Navigation”.
click on navigation
  • Drag and drop “Grid Navigation” on the app screen.
drag and drop grid navigation
  • Now you have to “drag and drop pages” here on the right side under settings. You can add as many pages as you like.
drag and drop pages grid navigation
  • Scroll down and you’ll see the “column” option below where you can choose the number of columns you want (e.g., 2) in the grid.
columns grid nav
  • To change the icon of the page, “click on page” and then beside the page name at the top to “select a new icon”.
select new icon grid nav
  • Now click on “Vertical”, and then on “Style” to choose the background color.
vertical grid nav
  • You can also change the text color by “clicking on Label”.
label grid nav

Now your grid navigation is complete and ready for use. You can make all the changes you want according to your requirements and add other elements as well.