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How to Create Android App Without Coding?

If you are worried about how to create an app without coding, then this article is for you. Creating an android app doesn’t require coding skills anymore. some recommend you hire several developers or put a fortune into your idea but there are several Android app builders out there to make it happen. All that is required from your side is to have an effective plan and implement some systematic work into it.

Even if you have prior knowledge of app builders used to create an Android app without coding you still need to go through some things first to make it a successful venture. Hiring a team of developers or getting to know how to code is time-consuming for creating an android app, as the coding job is now replaced by the drag-and-drop technology provided by free app builders. You don’t need to worry about having the knowledge of coding rather just having an idea and effective planning is enough to make it work.

Get an idea

Before you begin making sense of how to make an app, you have to initially characterize the motivation behind why you need to make that application in any case. Without this lucidity, your idea will be tangled, which means your final product will mirror that too.  For an app to be effective it must solve any issue or provide assistance of some kind. Get an idea of what your app should be about and what should it be used for.

how to create an app without coding
create an android app – get an idea

With regard to a versatile system, it is ideal to prepare to stun the world. Ask yourself what issue your application will unravel for clients and how it can help streamline their lives. Ensure that your application is either unique or enhances the idea of your competitor’s app.

Try not to squander cash-building blind impersonations that neglect to make progress. Rather, expect to have an unmistakable vision of what you plan to accomplish with your app. In the event that the app does not have a particular use or reason, it will wind up being unimportant to clients means you should get an idea before you worry about how to create an app without coding.

Prove the concept by your surrounding and target users

A mobile app has to be created to remember the objective clients of an application. Having an unmistakable vision with respect to the target users can improve the chances of achievement for your app. You can’t just learn how to create an app without coding to publish it on the app store or any other platform in the provided category and expect everything to come along.

create android app - prove the concept
create an android app – prove the concept

While you are creating your Android app, you must be sure about the target users you want to reach. Proving the concept of your app is done through research of your client’s requirements. In order to do so, you should utilize different metrics like age, location, activities, gender, and resources.

Another frequently neglected measurement is the compatibility of your app with the brand of cell phones your target users have. For what reason is that significant to inquire? Since cell phones (simply like some other gadgets) have specifications and restrictions that influence you to consider factors. For example, hardware compatibility, battery timing, color resolution, and screen size. In order to engage your target audience, your app needs to be responsive to the needs of your users.

Design your app on a paper

Put your thought on paper, and sketch it out plainly. The thought behind this procedure is to make it practical. At this point you would characterize the way your mobile application will run; visibly mark every single feature you think your Android app should have. Along these lines, you increase a specific lucidity before you begin building up your app.

create android app - design your app on paper
create an android app – design your app on paper

Approval of your application concept implies that you have something that individuals need to utilize. Right now, is an ideal opportunity to detail your item in a report, or in case you need to make it more reliable, you can utilize a wireframing program.

This progression doesn’t necessarily require any features or tools to be used. A simple piece of paper and pen would be sufficient to get past the procedure. Begin drawing out the basic structure, then list down the basic feature your app must have and observe how your thought is being accomplished.

It is normal for you to go a little over the edge and make an extensive rundown of highlights yet pose yourself one inquiry for each element. Is this an absolute necessity to include this feature in your app?

How to Create an App Without Coding Using App Builder

When you’ve completed all these steps now it’s time for you to start building your app with the app builder. As the topics suggest now we’ll proceed step by step on how to create an app without coding. We’ll be using the APPSTYLO app builder to build your first Android app in 10 minutes.

how to create an app without coding
create an android app with an app builder
  1. In the first step click on CREATE APP NOW button on and you’ll be redirected to the sign-up page.
  2. Once you’re there enter your credentials to register yourself and you’ll be redirected to the app builder workspace.
  3. Now click on the new app button on the left menu and enter your app name.
  4. After that select, the category your app belongs to and then click Next.
  5. In the next step, you have to choose a ready-to-use template for your Android app and click on the apply button.
  6. Now you can customize the selected app template according to the requirements you sketched on paper for your app. You’ll find plenty of options to customize like choosing navigation, changing the layout or creating a new page, and utilizing the drag-and-drop options. You can change the page names and contents accordingly.
  7. Once you’re done with the full customization of your Android app you can preview your app before publishing it. In order to do so scan the QR code provided for your app on your Android phone and you’ll be able to view your app to navigate. This is the part where you finally test your app before it’s published.
  8. Finally, you’re done with creating your first Android app without coding.

Publish to the App Store and Share App Download Link

publish app to google play store
create an android app – publish to the app store and share the app download link

Now that you’ve created your app but it’s not over yet, now it comes to publishing the app to the app store and sharing the app download link. You’ll be asked to submit the details about the app you’ve just created. After completing click the submit button and that’s all. You’ll be provided with your app QRcode and social sharing icons to share your app link.

While using the APPSTYLO app builder you’ll have to option to choose where you want your app to be published currently you have two options Progressive Web App and Android app.

Marketing and boosting user engagement

marketing of mobile app
create an android app – marketing and boost user engagement

If you think everything is done now, then you are misled. If your application is accessible in Play Store or doesn’t mean you don’t have anything else to do. You have to advertise your application. All things considered, we can’t include another progression saying. Marketing your application.” You must do decent market research on app-promoting techniques with the goal that your potential users could get to know more about what your app is all about.

Final Words

A few years back creating an Android app was a headache. You had only two options either spend your time and money or learn how to create an app without coding. In recent years app builders have taken over and now it’s a piece of cake, you can use APPSTYLO best free app builder to get it all done. APPSTYLO is providing numerous options for app customization with the complete package of everything you need to have in your app builder.

If you are reading this article then the idea of creating your own Android app must be lingering in your mind. So, don’t wait just sign up at to get started creating your Android app without coding and getting it published.



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