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how to make an android app

“How to make an Android app” is the question asked by many business owners these days. This is because Google Play Store has 3.553 million mobile apps accessible for Android users to download in 2023. Therefore, we can firmly acknowledge that the term app is more established in our day-to-day lives. 

how to make an android app

Each of us has to realize that mobile applications have become indispensable in everyone’s daily life. Thus, it is logical that many have launched an app for their business. Do you also consider it? Do you want to know how to make an android app? Is it better than designing an app for iOS? Let’s see. 

How to Make an Android App and Not Die Trying?

Obviously, for anyone who does not have the idea of programming or is not much aware of technology, developing an application can seem like an impossible mission. The current market and the contemporary digital world offer many possibilities to create an Android app or iOS app without having to be an expert developer. 

However, the quality of a good service provided by a specialist brand in app development ensures an efficient final product. First of all, the first thing you should ask yourself is what kind of app you can design. Currently, two types are mainly used: 

Native Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Native apps: They are the ones that most users know. So, when deciding how to make an Android app, these are preferred by the majority. Native apps are designed and thought for use in a mobile version. As we say, they can be downloaded directly (either paid or free) in the Apple Store and in the Google Play Store. 

Progressive Web App (PWA): They are not as common as native ones, although they are used. Basically, they are a mobile version replica of what is offered on a website. They are designed to offer users most of the functions that native apps offer, such as an eCommerce module, areas for user registration, publishing articles, etc. 

However, sometimes they have certain flaws in their functionalities because they are not created specifically for mobile versions. The differentiation between the two most common types of applications is explained.

How To Create An App From Scratch

The question is how to create an Android app from scratch. We insist that using the services of an app builder specialized in application design and development will save you a lot of headaches. It will guarantee that the technical part related to programming will be implemented correctly.

All that would be required from you would be to drag and drop the elements you want in your app and then customize it. You have full customization options where you can opt for pre-built templates or develop an app from scratch as well. 

However, on the Internet, you can find training and tools with which you will learn how to create an Android app from scratch, although of a basic nature and perhaps somewhat poor on a technical level so it would be best to use APPSTYLO. 

4 Phases When Designing an App

However, when asked about how to make an Android app, we should not only think about the technical aspects of programming. Many have set out to design an application for Android or iOS, but not so many have been successful. Why? Well, for the simple reason that you must have something more than just an app. 

four phases when designing an app

Those who at some point have designed an application, whatever the subject, have done so motivated to obtain an economic return from it. That is, as a business and for a business, you have to have a vision and a business plan. 

Therefore, if we talk about how to design an application for Android or any other operating system, it will be key to controlling the four phases that every business must have: 

1. Start-Up Phase

Have an idea about what you want to launch that adapts to what a mobile application can offer. Does it respond to a need that users may have? Are there any competitors? What do they do and where do they fail?

2. Business Model Definition Phase

With the idea already embodied, how are you going to monetize it? You should bear in mind that 86% of Google Play applications are free. In addition, at this point, it is interesting to consider the technology that you are going to use. 

Here, if we are explaining how to make an Android app, the first great option should be an app maker, which will make the development of your application easier.

3. Development and Designing Phase:

It is the most crucial moment since it consists of the phase where the technology is implemented and where the application development takes place. As we indicated at the beginning, having the professional experience of companies like APPSTYLO will avoid technical problems. Development and design phase of a mobile application.

4. Launch Phase:

Once you’ve delivered your app, tell the world about it. For this, it is essential that you plan both what you communicate and where and how you communicate it. ASO (which is the SEO of the app), paid campaigns, content marketing, RSS. Any channel should be studied with its pros and cons when launching your app. 

From here we can only wish you luck. And, of course, you go on modifying and adjusting everything that you think can make your application optimize and reach a greater number of users.

Why Design an Android Application Before iOS?

As for creating an Android or iOS application. What we recommend is to think carefully about what you want your app for. Visualize well where the target audience you want to offer your application is and which market interests you the most. 

why create an android app

And, above all, on a technical and development level, what is best for you? In this line, you must be clear that the operating system and the programming language will be different in each case and will influence when developing the app. 

Each native development will use a different language and code, which is something we must value. And, in addition, you should also think about the following aspects.

How to Choose Between Android and iOS?

You should know if launching an Android application in your country is likely to be more profitable than launching an iOS app. Furthermore, Android applications are also marketed on third-party platforms. They penetrate much better in other layers of the market thanks to this multi-network distribution. 

Another great aspect to assess. If we compare how to make an Android app or iOS, is the fact that the apps for the Google operating system are more customizable. In other words, they offer a model that is more adaptable to what the end consumer is looking for. Its interface makes it much easier for a large number of users, offering them a better browsing experience and usability. 

This is mostly the case when you hire an app developer to create an app but if you opt for an app maker like APPSTYLO you can overcome all these issues as well for iOS app development.