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10 Tips to Increase Your App’s Traffic, Revenue, & Downloads

increase app traffic

Apps have become an essential part of businesses and our daily lives as they allow us to perform a variety of tasks, from ordering food to booking a cab. Even if you have a café or a coffee shop, you need an app for the menu. However, having an app is not enough until and unless it gets a good amount of traffic. There are plenty of ways to increase app traffic and revenue. So, in this we’ll explore all these methods along with some tips that you can follow to increase app traffic.

Even if you already have a WordPress website for your business, it is necessary to have a mobile app for iOS or Android to convert your visitors into customers. Visitors need to type in your website in a browser to access it while an app is always available in their phone’s app drawer with an icon and name. This automatically increases the brand’s name and recognition and creates affiliation.

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We will mention tips that will increase app traffic and increase app downloads as well. According to Statista, around 92% of the time that Android users spend while using their mobile devices is on mobile apps. There has also been an increase in the use of mobile devices compared to computers. So, let’s see 10 different ways to Increase mobile app traffic, downloads, and revenue.

10 Tips to Increase App Traffic

1. App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO is a method to increase the app ranking in the App Store or Google Play Store. All the mobile apps except web apps are published on either one of these stores. More than 60% of the traffic generated for mobile apps is through organic search results on the App Store & Google Play Store. This makes ASO one of the best and most reliable methods to increase app traffic, revenue, & downloads. The following steps can be taken to improve the ASO of your mobile app.

  • Since we want the app to appear at the top of the search results, finding the right keywords that have high traffic volume is crucial. Perform in-depth keyword research to find less competitive and relevant keywords with high search volume.
  • You must also identify the right category and name for your app that resembles your brand identity & purpose. An app with the right name in the right category will make it easier for users to find and increase their reach.
  • If you have an international brand or provide services globally, localization of your app is necessary. Localization will allow you to give users a personalized experience by having the images, icons, names, and metadata in their own language. Translate the details of your app in multiple languages so that a user accessing it from France will see the app in French instead of English.
  • Testing, debugging, and A/B testing are also important to increase the app traffic. This will help you find and fix any an all issues that users encounter while using your app. Failure to fix these issues can result in users abandoning your app.

2. Social Media Campaigns

More than 84% of users in the age bracket of 18 to 29 have at least one social media account. This shows how much traffic you can get for your app by running social media campaigns. According to an estimate, more than 4 trillion hours will be spent by users on social media platforms in 2023. So, you can the social media platforms that have the most potential and launch social media marketing campaigns.

You can significantly improve app traffic by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. After launching an ad campaign, you must keep an eye on performance to measure the CTR (Click Through Rate), CPI (Cost Per Install), CVR (Conversion Rate), and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). This will help you optimize your campaigns and gain your desired results.

3. User Ratings & Reviews

One thing that has the highest impact and influence in bringing traffic to your app is reviews or ratings. Whenever users want to download or use an app, they check the ratings and reviews as a sign of social proof. You can ask both your existing and new users to give ratings or reviews for your app. This is one of the most effective methods to acquire new users and promote your app.

You can encourage users by creating a reward system for posting reviews of your app. For instance, you can offer a 10% discount to users who show proof that they have posted a review about your app. You can also offer them extra benefits, rewards, and discounts when they refer a friend to use your app. This will be very helpful in increasing app traffic.

4. Create QR Codes for Your App

Until now, we have discussed some conventional methods to increase mobile app traffic. Now, one unconventional but proven method that drives traffic to your app is by creating a QR code. You can place this QR code where you have your most relevant and targeted audience. For instance, you can place the QR code of your coffee shop app on the tables.

So, if anyone wants to see the menu, they can open your app directly by scanning the QR Code, generating traffic to your app. If you are doing door-to-door marketing, then make sure to place the QR code of your app on flyers, brochures, posters, and other marketing materials. When using the QR code, guarantee a high-quality image in the right size so that it is easy to scan. 

5. Implement Search Ads

Another great method to increase app traffic is by implementing Google Search Ads to promote your app on the Google Play Store. Similarly, if you have an iOS app, then use Apple Search Ads to improve your app’s ranking on the App Store. This can be considered as an alternative method if your business niche has a lot of competition and you want to rank your app instantly.

Implementing the search ads can be a bit costly, but if you use them correctly, it can give your app the initial push it needs. Some key aspects that you must acknowledge while running search ads include:

  • Find out the relevant queries that users search when looking for an app similar to yours. Shortlist your target audience and their demographics like location, age, gender, and preferences.
  • Create your budget estimate and the time during which the search ads campaign would be active. Clearly identify objectives for a campaign.
  • Continuously analyze and optimize the search ads for optimal performance and observe the KPIs like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

6. Work on User Acquisition (UA) Strategy

User acquisition (UA) is also a great technique to increase app traffic, which seems similar to search ads and social media marketing, but it’s not the same. UA allows you to get more visitors/users by running ads on various ad networks. For example, you want to run video ads that display within the blog when a user is reading fitness-relevant content. At the end of the video, you can add a CTA of your app.

There are also some third-party websites, like ASO World, that you can use for user acquisition. Make sure that you are using the UA strategy that is suitable for your app and within your specified budget. This is a very unique and not commonly used method to increase your app’s traffic.

7. Influencer Marketing

More than 78% of marketing specialists believe that influencer marketing is one of the most effective methods to increase reach, awareness, and traffic. You can also increase app traffic by collaborating with influencers who are most relevant to your business niche. Make sure that you collaborate with influencers on different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

There are certain aspects that require some research when you are collaborating for influencer marketing. These include selecting the right influencer who has great influence on your target audience and attracting users in a unique way. For example, you can choose a food influencer from YouTube to promote your app, which contains recipes.

8. Utilize Push Notifications

In many instances, businesses have noticed that although they have a good number of app downloads or installs, the active user count is still very low. This means besides having many downloads, their app is not getting any traffic. So, if you are facing any such issue, then push notifications can be a game changer for you.

Push notifications are a kind of reminder or a wake-up call to the users who have your app installed on their mobile devices. For instance, you can send a push notification to the users when you have a 20% sale or any sort of discount offer. This will increase engagement, and they are likely to open the app out of curiosity and FOMO to see the offers.

9. Do Content Marketing

If you have plenty of app downloads/installs but still lack traffic, then doing content marketing can be very helpful. Create interesting, engaging, and interactive content for your users on a regular basis. Keep publishing it after regular intervals on different platforms, and this will entice them psychologically to open your app again.

You can also increase awareness about your app by creating polls, videos, and infographics online. For example, your app provides users with some extra value, such as live sessions with its users regarding fitness. So, highlight that in your online content.

10. Improve App Performance & Functionality

If you want to increase app traffic, then you must ensure that your app’s loading speed is fast, does not lag, and has fully functional call-to-action buttons. A user might not visit your app again if its functionality is not complete and takes a lot of space to install.

These are the most basic things to consider, but they can have a significant impact on the overall performance of your app. If you already have a complete website, then add the download link to your app on the homepage of your website. You can divert the web traffic to your app and give free trials and discounts as well.


Increasing app traffic is essential for any business. By optimizing your app store presence, running social media campaigns, and encouraging user reviews, you can boost visibility. Finally, ensuring your app’s performance and functionality is crucial. The tips mentioned above are simple but powerful. Implementing them can significantly increase your app traffic and downloads. Remember, consistent effort and adaptation to user needs will lead to sustained success.