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How Much Does It Cost To Create An App?

how much does it costs to create an app

Do you want to create an app but don’t know how much does it costs to develop an app? Here is a guide with the keys to knowing their prices, the variables that affect their design, and instructions to build a successful mobile app. 

It can be very helpful if you are an entrepreneur or want to incorporate more services into your company. Also, to get an idea of ​​the budget you need.

how much does it costs to create an app

Currently, there are countless mobile applications to facilitate work in many sectors and the population’s lifestyle and consumption habits have also changed. 

Variables To Create An App From Scratch

Now we will explain what options you have when developing an app. And the most important variables so that you can have an idea of ​​what parameters you would have to observe:

Complexity Of The Application

Depending on the use that you want to make the application. There are simple applications that are developed in a few hours and complex applications such as games or social networks, which require thousands of hours of work.

Graphic Design For The Application

Logically, a simple design with menus and tabs as an information sheet based on a template is not the same. As applications that include more advanced and complex interaction options for users. This is a key point and learning graphic design online can be a differential point in the design of a mobile app.

Number Of Platforms Where It Will Be Accessible

The platforms on which the application will be deployed. And the number of them on which it must work is decisive for calculating the app development cost. In general, the normal thing is to create your app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, which are the operating systems for mobile devices currently predominant.

Payment Gateway For The App

The application in many cases may require a payment gateway to sell products through the app. This will depend on the various payment options offered by the application. If you need to integrate payment through the App stores or other payment gateways, etc.

Cost Per Hour Of The Scheduler

App development cost per hour is among the most crucial factors and can vary from around € 30 per hour (Self-employed/freelance with little experience) to around €120 per hour (experienced consultants and specialized agencies).

The Content Manager Of The App

It depends on whether the contents are static or can be dynamically updated. The content manager or CMS is a determining factor. And in the case that these are dynamic, you would have two options:

  • Use a content manager with which the application has to be integrated.
  • Create a custom manager to modify the contents of the application.

Geo-Positioning For The Application

One aspect to take into consideration is whether the users of the application need information depending on their location. For example, information for the closest store could be displayed.

User Registration In The Application

If the application requires including a user registry, it will be more expensive. This will depend on the database that is carried out in terms of size and type of data that it accumulates.

Tips To Develop A Successful App

From the design and development to the promotion and optimization of the application, a sea of ​​doubts and problems arise that will appear and that is difficult to solve in many cases.

tips to develop a successful app

A common problem is that, although you have a great idea to develop an App in your head, you generally do not know where to start. These tips will help you organize yourself and avoid making mistakes:

Carry Out A Market Study

It will reflect the business idea, the objectives to be achieved with the application, and the demand it has, as well as other determining factors in the development of the application.

Depending on the level of investment, the type of audience, and the business to which you want to direct the application, the study should be more or less complete.

Thanks to this study, you will see important factors. such as the feasibility and the demand that the application may have, reflected in the same document before starting to develop it, thus preventing any subsequent inconveniences that may arise.

Have A Good Business Idea

Generally, for an idea to be good and to be carried out. It has to have a differential component to what is already offered in the market. That is, it has to be different from what your potential competitors are already exploiting. 

To do this, you must find a problem or need to cover it with the app. As for any other business, and start it, as long as it meets the minimum criteria of viability and profitability of the business.

Cost To Develop an App

According to the stats it takes around $55,000 to $130,000 to create an app. In the case of complex apps, the range is between $90,000 to $210,000. Now we can easily assume that the app development cost is very high for SMEs.

How To Create An App Within Few Dollars?

create android app with app builder

We suggest you use an app builder like APPSTYLO to create an app for your business. It is not only a much cheaper option to go for but also a very reliable one. It would only require a few minutes and a few dollars and your app would be ready. You just have to drag n drop to develop an app.


It is very important that if you want your app to have a projection in the future.  And this allows you to recover the investment. You allow yourself to be advised and value the indications, advice, warnings, and nuances.

From both a technical and aesthetic nature the professionals or company in charge propose your application development. If you have chosen correctly, the experience in planning, design, and programming of the expert in charge of the project will make the difference between the success or failure of the project.