The best mobile app builders in 2021

Best mobile app builder 2021

We have compiled a list of the best designers who have proven their professionalism by creating impeccable functionality and visually appealing applications. At the same time, you can always try to compare them depending on their advantages mobile app builder, because it is necessary to do the market research before you opt for the one mentioned below:


Appstylo has one of the simplest drag and drop editors, an integrated content management system and several intuitive application templates to choose from! This platform for creating applications is oneof the most universal when it comes to creating beautiful typical applications without any programming knowledge.

The templates themselves look stunning, but the constructor could also be used for the customization, and that says a lot. The service charges start with a basic plan of $14 per month for PWA, then there is another plan for $29/Month for PWA & Android and a premium plan for $39 per monthfor PWA, Android & iOS. You can try the free trial before investing inthe platform.


  • Appstylo platform for creating applications has quite reasonable pricing plans.
  • Integrated with live app editor for visual stability.
  • One of the easiest touse platforms based on drag and drop interface.
  • Cross-platform app building experience.
  • Best ready to use templates from every niche are available

Appy pie

The fastest growing application creation platform in the world. Appy Pie has managed to leave a deep mark in the development industry. This platform is especially useful for those who first take up applications and are new to this area. Small and medium-sized enterprises found the platform especially useful because of the great flexibility in payment.

Various tariff plans make it possible to start creating their applications for free, and then switch to the subscription that matches their budget. One of the reasons this platform has gained popularity so quickly is because of the large number of unique features offered. 

For example, using Appy Pie, you can addin-app purchases, advertisements, download e-books or other content, connect databases, integrate social networks, create an instant messaging application,and so on. 


  • Responsive support inreal time with the ability to call it anytime and from anywhere
  • Provides a on drag anddrop interface
  • Pricing plans are affordable and ideal for startups


Shoutem is one of the best mobile appbuilders on the market and has been growing steadily since its opening in2011. In their latest version, they updated the platform, greatlyimproving the user experience. They have great templates with many customization options and each application can get a unique look and design. 

Your applications made using this appbuilder will not only be beautiful, but also functional. This app builder platform is especially good for event-related applications, and is also greatfor communities, because thanks to the Social Wall feature, users can share comments and photos.

However, their tariff plans are not so friendly. They start at $49, and although they are not the most expensive in our selection, it’s hard to call them cheap either. 


  • Shoutem makes its code open and accessible to developers.
  • Design, user experience, and templates are good
  • Better option for communities


Founded in 2010, since then it has made more than a million applications around the world, which probably makes it oneof the largest fish in the construction pond today. The components or building blocks provided by this app builder platform are diverse and with their help you can make a loyalty card, meeting planner, e-commerce store, you can collect reviews and ratings from users or implement an application for the event. 

Most of the applications created on their platform belong to restaurants, music groups and other organizations that hostevents. In one of its recent updates, Swiftic has completely changed its pricing. Now they have only one plan – 57 dollars for a monthly subscription


  • As a gesture of goodwill and a demonstration of confidence, the company guarantees success for6 months. This means that if you cannot achieve “any meaningful businessresult” with your application, Swiftic will give you another six months forfree.
  • The number off unctions and design options that they provide is large
  • Offers seven different templates that can be combined with six different navigation styles


Everything in this app builder, starting with its name, is impressive. Based on the French island of Corsica, the application platform offers some of the most impressive templates. In addition to appearance, the designer also implements some of the most advanced functions – social networks, chat rooms, geofencing, iBeacon s and muchmore. 

With GoodBarber, you can get your own Android application for $32 per month, and if you want to get Android and iOS right away, a monthly subscription can go up to $ 96. Both plan simplement a beautiful and progressive web application.

The application development platform proudly displays applications built on their platform so that you know the quality and capabilities that they offer you and other customers.


  • Not only are their templates beautiful, but they also offer a fairly competitive price for nativeapplications.
  • Great additional features like push notifications, chats, etc. give you more flexibility when creating applications.
  • Can integratethird-party stores, such as Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, etc.


BuildFire is one of the most reliable platforms with which more than 30,000 companies have created their applications. Most of their customers are businesses, influencers, orbrands. BuildFire calls itself one of the leading platforms in the marketfor accelerated application development.

BuildFire offers a free plan and a Premium plan, which is available for $49 per month. Convenient control and administration panels facilitate the process of releasing updates. 


  • The platform is popular among customers for its ease of use
  • You can make changes on the fly and even test these changes inreal time.
  • Quick reconfiguration capabilities, and wide application modification capabilities.


Currently the largest application designer in the UK, the AppInstitute has won several prestigious awards forstartups. The platform is especially good when it comes to e-commerce features, such as, custom catalogs or loyalty programs. The great thing is that you can receive payments from the application. This is a great feature for those who care about security and privacy.

Their booking function, in particular, is unique, because it allows you to simply schedule appointments or book ticketsto create really interesting event applications that can be supplemented by interesting content, including video.

Applications that you create on the platform can be obtained for a monthly subscription of  $49 per month (Android & PWA) or $81 permonth (iOS). 


  • Includes features such as basic push notifications and analytics.
  • Functions, in fact, much more than it might seem at first glance.
  • Provides cross-platform functionality


Choose best app builder wisely. Find a designer that suits you – what works for your friend or colleague may not work for you. It’s important that you devote some time to this before moving on to building applications for your business.

We’d recommend you using Appstylo app builder, because it facilitates you to test and it provides you all the functionalities of best app maker on one platform at affordable rates.

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