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Admob Mobile Ads: What they are And How They Work

Admob Mobile Ads

Mobile ads work better if you also take some aspects into account. The ad has to adjust to the opportunity, something that mobile makes it much easier than it would be at other devices. The mobile gives valuable information, such as the user’s location. This allows the ads being launched to be adjusted much more relevant. And a well-adjusted ad achieves better results.

Admob Mobile Ads

Mobile devices are more and more present on a daily basis. The mobile phone accompanies the consumer wherever he goes. And whenever he goes, at the same time, phones are connected to the network at all times. There are intelligent terminals that have opened the door to many possibilities in advertising terms. Mobile phones have become a key to launching many more ads.

These opportunities have opened the door for mobile ads, and the market has increased drastically in terms of revenue. This market gap need was solved by Admob.

What Is Admob And How It Works?

Admob is a tool in the mobile advertising sector that allows developers to place mobile advertisements from different advertisers in an application’s specific space. The name Admob comes from the combination of the words Advertising on Mobile.

The tool became so popular in the advertising world that Google acquired its services in 2009 for $750 million; in fact, Admob has many similarities to Google AdSense.

Admob became one of the most important mobile advertising applications globally. Being responsible for placing more than 50 million banners on the market monthly. Even the technology giant Apple showed interest in acquiring the tool before its acquisition by Google.

The application’s operation is simple. The user registers to the service and then performs the same procedure with the application or applications available to work.

The user must choose a mobile advertising block in the form of banners to place it in a specific application section. Revenue for Admob is obtained as the ads placed receive clicks from users within the application.

mobile ads

For the advertiser, Admob offers the possibility of tracking the advertising campaigns through well-known statistics in the sector, such as the number of impressions, cost per click, or the income received from each campaign.

It also allows you to be tracked by market segment, country, age, or mobile platform. To register, it is mandatory to have a Google AdSense and/or Google AdWords account, the two main advertising tools of the search engine company.

Admob is a simple and effective solution for app developers and advertisers to monetize them and run effective campaigns among mobile users.

Mobile Advertising Formats

Technologies are constantly evolving. It isn’t easy to make a list of the most used or popular types of ads or formats. In any case, we could currently highlight the following six formats:

Location Marketing

They are the latest innovation in mobile advertising campaigns and constitute a field yet to be explored in all its possibilities and has enormous potential. It is about using the knowledge of the user’s specific location. Through the GPS or Bluetooth of their mobile, to promote personalized campaigns that induce a specific and impulsive action. For example: launch an imminent offer at the time the user is located inside or very close to a store or commercial premises.

 Phone advertising is still in evolution and has a long way to go. In a certain way, it is understandable because of the spectacular penetration. Massive use of mobile phones as an element of connection to the Internet has taken advertising and marketing experts by surprise. In any case, many companies and brands are already aware that if they want to have a complete presence on the Internet, they have to bet heavily on mobile advertising or mobile marketing.

Banner Mobile Ads

The ads integrated into the pages with a certain level of the mobile sites’ audience would be the natural version of the ads on the classic desktop websites. These come directly from the typical posters on the walls and billboards in the streets. However, in mobile advertising, these types of ads have evolved towards more sophisticated video formats, mainly of these three types:

Banner Mobile Ads

Rich media: Videos, drop-down by sections, and with connections to databases.

Video pre-roll: It is a video that appears every ten or fifteen seconds before the user can view other content on their mobile.

Interstitial ad: A very direct and short-lived video that appears while specific content is being downloaded. Thus capturing the user’s attention.

SMS Advertising

They are well-known and classic text messages. They are characterized by being short and simple, but also by their remarkable effectiveness. Lately, they are also used by WhatsApp, sometimes including photos or videos.

QR Codes

The mobile ads are based on QR codes. Which stands for a quick response  (quick response) on the usage of 2D barcodes to combine all types of messages and information: videos, brochures, corporate profiles, etc. It is a very convenient and effective method to use alone or in combination with other types of campaigns.

SEM Campaigns

Paid ads that appear in Google searches,  designed and focused primarily on mobile and tablet browsing.

Social Media Mobile Ads

Suppose we start because more than 70% of users use social networks from mobile devices. Many of them as the only connection channel. In that case, ad campaigns, promotions, and profiles in this type of media can be highly recommended.

There are networks for all tastes: from the most general and established ones such as Facebook. Those that are directed to a specific target, or those that are based on technologies such as geolocation, being the most important.


Mobile ads, Admob have become a significant way to attract potential customers and hit the right market at the right time. If you are interested in mobile app development or own already have a mobile app, you must know how these mobile ads work and how they can help you with your marketing.