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Basic widgets

Nice and neat visual elements building up your app screen

Below are listed the basic UI widgets supported by Appstylo.  A widget is a visual UI element. A page consists of one or many widgets.


The text widget displays a single text block on the screen. It can be a single-line text or multiple lines.  The font, size, text color, and background color are customizable. A text widget could be linked to another screen. By clicking or tapping on text, the user can open a new page.

Create mobile application – Text widgets from appstylo


Rich text is used to display the mixed contents. It may contain text, images, videos, external links, etc. You can easily copy and paste html page content from external sites into the rich text widget.

Create mobile application – rich text widget from appstylo

The image widget displays an image. It supports multiple image formats and an optional subtitle. A target screen can be defined for each image.

Create mobile application – image widget from appstylo

ImageSlider shows multiple images slide by slide. It supports swipe gestures and custom navigation controls. Each image slide can be linked to a target screen.

Create mobile application – image slider widget from appstylo

A gallery displays multiple image thumbnails in a grid. The whole image is showing while clicking on the thumbnail.

Create mobile application – image gallery widget from appstylo
Create mobile application – image gallery full screen widget from appstylo

The icon is used to display an icon image on the screen. The icon picker permits selecting an icon from a predefined set of icons or uploading your custom icon image.

Create mobile application – icon widgets from appstylo

A video widget displays a video player on the screen. It supports videos from YouTubeFacebookTwitchSoundCloud, Streamable, Vimeo, Wistia, Mixcloud and DailyMotion.

Create mobile application – video widgets from appstylo

A button is used to define an action. Currently version supports defining a target screen when it’s clicked or tapped.

Create mobile application – buttons widgets from appstylo

The map widget displays a Google map for a given address. Both roadmap and satellite views are supported.

Create mobile application – map widgets from appstylo

The click-to-call widget displays a telephone number with an optional icon. Once clicked on a mobile device, it triggers the phone dial-in page.

The email widget displays an email address with an optional icon. Once clicked on a mobile device, it triggers the default email app.

The Rssfeed is useful to integrate the external content exposed by RSS. You could use it to aggregate the contents from multiple sources into your application.

Create mobile application – rss feed widget from appstylo
Create mobile application – rss feed with big image from appstylo

Social Medias

The Facebook and Twitter widgets help to integrate the contents and events from the Facebook page and Twitter timeline.

Create mobile application – Facebook page from appstylo
Create mobile application – Twitter timeline widget from appstylo

With Web View, you can embed any external website into your application. The external site with responsive or adaptive design would be seamlessly integrated into your application.

The WordPress widget helps to convert your WordPress website into a mobile-friendly app. By default, it fetches the posts, pages, media, and categories from your WordPress Web site. It supports the post search and customizable menu and tabs.

Create mobile application – wordpress widget from appstylo

The Blog widget displays a list of articles on the screen. To write a new article, go to the “Management” page, then go to the “Blog” page. Please refer to the content management page about how to create new articles and categories.