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Navigation widgets

Effective navigation ensuring usability, and the success of the app design

Tab Navigation

Tab navigation permits users to navigate from page to page by taping the navigation control-the tab. It supports swipe gesture as well. To add a containing page, drag and drop the page from page list to the tab bar. Its perfect to display the principle screens permitting users to switch Quickly. Recommend to have less than 5 tabs. The navigation tab can be positioned on the top or at the bottom of the screen. Drag and drop any page you want to the tab bar or manage the items from the widget editor on the right.

List Navigation
The list navigation displays a list of links to target screen. Drag and drop any page into the list to add new item into the list. You can also use the widget editor to manage the items.

Drawer Menu
Draw menu displays an icon on the app bar and side out a menu when its clicked. The menu items are linked to the corresponding screens. It’s usually used by combination with other navigation such as grid or list navigation. Drag and drop pages into the app bar or the menu if its open.

Grid Navigation
Different to grid layout which contains the widgets, the grid navigation container the target screens arranged in a grid. Drag and drop the screen into the grid or edit in the widget editor.